What we buy!

We buy both desktops and laptops even ones that aren’t fully functional. If you’re running low on cash or just have a spare machine that you don’t use, we at Subnet1 ltd would be more than happy to purchase it from you.

What you would need to do is bring in your machine to us and leave it for a little while. We will than check it and let you know how much we can offer you for it. (although sometimes it might not be much)

Our exchange program

If you have an old laptop or desktop that you would like to exchange for a new one bring it in and we can offer you the fallowing services:

Offer you some money off the new machine in exchange for your old one.

To transfer all your documents and settings from the old machine to the new one absolutely free

To delete all your documents securely from your old machine absolutely free.

What we sell

Well sell a wide range of CCTV systems and accessories, from single IP cameras and home based CCTV cameras to large corporate CCTV systems.

We also stock a wide range of Refurbished laptops and desktops which vary in price and specs

Competitive Prices

We always have a wide variety of computer equipment for sale, ranging from cables to webcams, however we are best known for providing west London with second hand laptops and computers. We always have a wide range of second hand laptops and computers in stock all of which have been inspected personally by us to insure they are up to our high standard.

Due to how quickly they come and go we don’t tend to list them here on our website however we can tell you that they usually tend to range in price from a as low as a £80 up to £300 for some of the higher end laptops.

Repair & Services

All Major Brands

Our skilled technicians here at subnet1 Ltd are able to help you with whatever problem you may have. We have the expertise and resources to repair 99% of both hardware and software problems from removing viruses to changing laptop screens we do it all.

Call for help now! 0208 8664 644

Sales, Service Or Repair!

    We work with all the major brands! *

    * Including hardware, software & all mobile devices

    Drop off your device or system and receive it back within 24 Hours! *

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