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July 26, 2012
July 26, 2012

Feel like throwing your machine out the window?

If you want our professional opinion we wouldn’t recommend that. It’s normal for desktops and laptops to slow down overtime. With a little bit of cleaning and tweaking we can get your machine running at a speed which you will enjoy.

So why does it slow down to begin with?

Windows start up

You might not always be aware of this but as you use your machine you are constantly installing and adding new programmes to your machine (java, flash, google desktop, random toolbars etc…). These programs like adding themselves to windows start up so that they could check for updates and so on. Most of these run in the background so you might not always see stuff opening however you might have noticed your computer taking a very long time to start up. This is why.

Hard Drives

Let’s say you have a hard drive that’s 5GB big like you can see below and you have the fallowing files in it. And each colour is a different file.

File1 File2 File2 File3 File4

Now let’s say you delete the green and a blue.

File2 File2 File4

Your hard drive now has 2GB free. So we add a new red file that’s 2GB big and this is what the hard drive will look like

File5 File2 File2 File5 File4

As you can see the new file had to be divided up to two bits to get it to fit properly. So when it comes to opening this file the hard drive will read half the file. Search’s to find the rest of the file then reads that bit.

This is just a simple example in reality files might be broken up to 100 little pieces all over the place.  We did a test on a brand new hard drive and found that a non-broken up file would open 28 times faster than one that’s broken down in the smaller chunks.

The more you use your computer the more broken up your files will become and the slower your machine will be.


New software updates are always being released by Windows and other software providers. Sometimes the updated softwares require more memory and processing power. For example if before Windows only used 10% of your memory after the update it might require 15%. These updates are usually security updates / new features that you will need to get the most out of your machine.


Both desktop and laptops have built in fans designed to keep them cool. However overtime these fans collect a lot of dust which stops the cooling process. When this happens your machine is forced to work at a lower power to prevent it from overheating. This is one of the major reasons machines run slow.

What we do to fix this.

To speed up your machine we do a wide verity of tweaks and clean ups to help get your machine up to speed. Here the steps we take in detail.

  1. First we do a fully virus and malware check to make sure theres no nasty bugs slowing it down. If there is we will remove them.
  2. Then we check to see what softwares are starting up with windows and removing what isn’t required from the start up (we won’t delete anything just in case you’re worried. We just remove it from start-up).
  3. Then we remove any unneeded temp files and other system junk fallowed by a registry clean up.
  4. Finally we give it a good inside out physical clean which would stop dusty machine from overheating

We will also check your computer’s hardware and offer any upgrades which we think would benefit you.

Will this work on any slow machine?

A tune up will definitely make a noticeable difference however if it’s a really old machine which isn’t very powerful it might still be slow. Before we do any work on your machine we will let you know if it isn’t worth it.

How much we charge

Device Price
Complete Software Service £30.00
Complete Hardware Service (Desktop) Free with software speed up
Complete Hardware Service (Laptop) £30.00

How will this service effect my machine

Will you physically open up my machine? Yes, but only if you have chosen to have the full hardware service as well.
Will I lose my files? No, Your files are completely safe.
Will I lose my programs and settings? No, We won’t uninstall anything, just tweak them so they won’t slow down your machine.
Will this increase my machines performance? Yes, this service will make your machine run a lot better than before.
Will I need to do anything when I take it home? No. Your machine will be exactly the way it was, just faster.