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How to know if you have a graphic card problem

A fairly common problem with modern computers and laptops is graphic card failures. When a laptop’s or a desktop’s graphic card fails you may experience some of the fallowing symptoms.

  1. The machine turns on and then instantly turns back off.
  2. The machine turns on but there is no display.
  3. The machine turns on but there is no display (The machine beeps).
  4. Turns on but the screen looks similar to the image on the left.

What causes it

Graphic card failures are almost always caused by overheating of the graphic card chip. In 2006 a new scheme allowed tax benefits to computer manufacturers if they used led free solder.
The difference between regular solder and led free solder is their melting points. Led free solder has a lot lower melting point which means when your machine heats up the solder melts and disconnects the graphic card from the motherboard.

How we repair it

Most regular places use a process called reflowing. This is when you reheat the solder in hope that it melts back into place. Many people fall victim of this scam. With this kind of repair your machine will work for a while however because it’s using the same solder as before (low melting point) as soon as the laptop starts to heat up again the problem reoccurs.

We use different more permanent a process called reballing. What this means is we completely remove the effected chips from the motherboard. Clean of the led free solder and reconnect the chip back on to the board using solder balls which has a lot higher melting point then the one which the manufacture had used.

How will this service effect my machine

Will you physically open up my machine? Yes, It’s impossible to repair this problem otherwise.
Will I lose my files? No, Your files are completely safe.
Will I lose my programs and settings? No, Your program and settings will be unaffected.
Will this increase my machines performance? A little, When we open up your machine we will fully service it which should increase the performance by a small amount.
Will I need to do anything when I take it home? No. Your machine will be exactly the way it was before it broke

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