iPhone & Tablet Repair
March 13, 2013
Graphic Card Repairs
July 26, 2012

It will be just like the day you bought it.

A complete clean or as we like to call it an OS reinstallation will reset your laptop back to day you bought it.
This will completely whip any viruses, programs and random bits and pieces which have been added to your machine over the years and make it run as fast as the day you bought it.

What if I want to keep my data?

If you have data to be saved, that’s no problem. We make sure any documents / pictures etc… that you need is backed up and put back in the exact same place once we have done the complete clean.

What about my programs?

Unfortunately it is impossible to save them for you. But if you have the disks you can feel free to bring them in and we will reinstall any software which you would like to get back.

How will this service effect my machine

Will you physically open up my machine? No, This is strictly a software problem and there is no need to open your machine.
Will I lose my files? No, We will backup everything if you need them.
Will I lose my programs and settings? Yes, you will need to reinstall any programs you had before (or bring in the disks and we will do it for you.)
Will this increase my machines performance? Yes. Software wise your computer will be running as fast as possible. It will be just like the day you bought it.
Will I need to do anything when I take it home? Yes. If you use wireless at home you will need to connect to your wireless network again.

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