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July 21, 2012

What are viruses / How do I know if my machine has a virus

There are many types of viruses and malwares some of which can cause all sorts of problems for your machine. Some common types of viruses which we remove on a daily basis include:

  1. Rouge antiviruses

    This usually looks like an antivirus program which stops you doing common tasks such as browsing the web. These rouge antiviruses will warn you that you have 100s of viruses which you must pay to remove. In no circumstance must you pay for this service as they most likely will use your account details to transfer more money then they should from your account.

  1. Police Viruses

    This type of virus will stop you from using your computer at all. You will receive a warning saying that you have performed some kind of illegal activity such as downloading music / movies and you must pay a fine in order to be able to use your laptop again.

    This again is a fake warning designed to part you from your money. We have had many customers who have paid up to £100 and still not had their machines unlocked.

How We Remove Viruses

Here at Subnet1 we are faced to the challenge of combating viruses everyday. To date we have removed countless amounts of viruses ranging in variety from our customers machines.

We take great care in making sure that viruses are fully removed. We do this by taking the fallowing steps:

  1. First we use a range of different professional softwares designed for removing viruses after an infection. This will remove all viruses which might be larking around your machine.
  2. One of our experienced and skilled technicians will then manually fully check your machines to insure that our automated software has not missed anything.
  3. Once all viruses have been cleaned of your system as a free bonus we will do a basic software speed up service and install a free antivirus if you do not have your own.

How will this service effect my machine

Will you physically open up my machine? No, This is strictly a software problem and there is no need to open your machine.
Will I lose my files? No, Viruses usually do not delete your files. However we have had a couple of rare cases which the virus had destroyed files beyond retrieval.
Will I lose my programs and settings? No, In almost all cases when a virus is removed your computer will turn back to normal and you may carry on using your softwares as normal.
Will this increase my machines performance? Yes. Once a virus is removed your computer should start performing better. Especially once we have done our free basic computer speed up service.
Will I need to do anything when I take it home? No. Your machine will be exactly the way it was before it got infected

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